Our service

Variety of variants for a self-service car wash:

Choice of 6 programs for washing and cleaning:

  • Contactless with high pressure - basic wash with warm water and shampoo
  • Active foam - copious coverage of the car with warm water detergent
  • Schaum brush - to remove fine particles of dust with a brush with natural hair, with warm water and foam
  • Rinse - basic rinse with high pressure and cold water
  • Pasting - protection of the varnish coating by sealing with wax
  • Glossing - after pasturing, for stain-free drying
  • Internal cleaning - with powerful turbine vacuum cleaners

Advanced technology:

  • High pressure CAT pumps 95–100 bar
  • Water softener
  • Osmosis system

Perfect washing formula:

  • Top class equipment with quality components Wash Tec
  • Sonax's high-quality preparations, which are not aggressive to varnish and paint and are completely biodegradable
  • Softened and demineralized water that does not leave stains and with a temperature not higher than 60˚
  • Water pressure no higher than 100 bar, not the harmful 150 bar that damages the car coating
  • A variety of programs for perfect car washing

Attention to detail:

  • Powerful turbine vacuum cleaners 
  • Banknote shredding machine
  • Vending machine  and recharge cards for prepaid service
  • More spacious parking spaces 
  • Vending machines for car accessories
  • Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week*

Two ways of payments:

  • In cash with coins of 1 or 2 leva
  • Cards for prepaid service 5 minutes with the possibility of a bonus of 10% on top-up

Each site has a bill shredding machine (BMM) that can shred banknotes or flatten coins and a tire polisher, tire freshener and air polisher. At BRM, every customer can destroy banknotes or buy and load the 5minutes Customer card, with which he receives a 10% bonus and can use for any service at the site (steam jets, vacuum cleaners, tire shine).

*Does not apply to Sofia Mladost and Stara Zagora sites